Analytics is an innovative frontier. It can be valuable to describe, predict, and improve business performance, specifically areas that include predictive modeling, web usage statistics, marketing outcomes, and forecasting scenarios.

Our organization offers a wide range of analytical opportunities. Our analytics staff use data and statistical analysis to look at root cause analysis, identify trends, make recommendations to help our organization look for solutions to improve our business, reduce cost, and continue to improve member and community health.

Analytics and Data Science Team

Our Analytics & Data Science team strives to serve as a shared service enhancing our business partners’ decision-making capabilities, through data and analytics, while enhancing health and wellness of our members. To remain competitive and achieve our mission, we recruit potential candidates with an interest in the following areas: Business Strategic Planning, Data management, Data Governance & Quality, Data Access & Support, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Business Delivery.

Health Care and Pharmacy Analytics

Our Health and Pharmacy Analysts work within the operational side of our business. These individuals take a deeper look at internal metrics and data and compares this information to health care industry trends to service the needs of both internal and external clients. In addition, we have analysts working closely with data supporting our network management and contracting team, utilization management, and quality improvement teams.

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