Resume Writing Tips

Keep in mind that an employer will receive dozens of resumes every day and have a limited time to review each resume. When you write your resume, begin with your most recent experience or job, and work your way back as you move down the page. Most recent experience should be on the top.

Separate your resume into sections by using headers. Some typical headers include: education, work experience, computer skills, etc.

An objective statement is not required, but if you choose to have an objective, make sure it is specific and describes what you will be able to do for the company.

Make sure to customize your resume to the job description. Highlight your achievements and skills that are specific to the job you are applying for. The employer will not always look through your resume long enough to find one detail that you think makes you great for the job.

Remember, that it is acceptable to brag – toot your own horn! If you are great at something, make sure the employer knows it! Be honest though, because you will get caught and many times lying on an application can get you fired.

Use action words and explain the results you achieved. For example, Conducted cold calls and achieved sales 25% higher than required.

Proof read your resume. Keep it updated so that you remember your accomplishments.

Summary of Tips:

  • Be honest
  • Reverse chronological order (most recent on top)
  • Be consistent. Double check fonts, bullets and tense
  • Don’t use first person
  • Use headings
  • Keep it simple – try for 1-2 pages in length
  • Double check for errors and typos
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