Actuarial Programs

Actuarial Study Program

Gain deeper knowledge in the actuarial field with our competitive Actuarial Study Program. To participate, you should have a demonstrated interested in pursuing an Associate of the Society of Actuaries or the Fellow of the Society of Actuaries designation. You must meet certain requirements to enter and remain in the program.

Program Benefits

As a program participant, you'll benefit from:
  • Paid study hours and exam sitting days
  • Company funding of study materials and exam fees
  • Salary increases per the program’s specifications (after passing exams)

Actuarial Development Program

The Actuarial Development Program allows you to have successive job experiences in different actuarial functions or business areas in designated program positions. To participate, you must be in a functional area reporting to the chief actuary, risk adjustment actuarial, or another department that has Actuarial Study Program participants (with the approval of the department’s management and the Rotational Oversight Committee). This program is part of the Actuarial Study Program, but is also available to other employees in these areas who meet the program's requirements.

Program Goals

The goals of the Actuarial Development Program are to:
  • Provide growth and development opportunities by engaging you in new tasks and disciplines
  • Broaden your skill set and knowledge base
  • Promote effective career development 
  • Improve organizational results

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