Employee Benefits Overview

Univera is committed to rewarding our employees with a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. From health care plans to retirement planning and wellness programs, we provide employees with resources to help manage life’s twists and turns.

Our comprehensive benefit package includes the following:

Generous Time Off

Our company values work-life balance. Our time off benefit includes:

  • Company paid holidays,
  • Five (5) Paid Time Off (PTO) days to make time available to employees to take care of personal matters,
  • Paid Vacation in the amount of two (2) weeks for hourly employees and three (3) weeks for salaried employees,
  • Ten (10) days of Personal Sick Time to be used for their own personal illness, injury or medical appointment or that of an immediate family member,
  • Volunteer Time Off (1 day per year) for employees to volunteer in their local community.

Options to help you and your family maintain a healthy life

Our benefit package offers coverage for you and your family and includes:

  • Three (3) options for Medical Plans
  • Dental coverage
  • Company paid basic group term life insurance coverage equal to 2x an employee base annual salary
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Programs that allow you to lower your taxable income for the year by deferring pre-tax dollars into an FSA

All employees are also entitled to:

  • FMLA that entitles employees up to 12 weeks of job protection per 12-month period for certain family needs and that of an employee’s own serious health condition
  • NYS Statutory Disability Benefits (NYSDB) payable for up to 26 weeks for any non-work related injury or illness (includes disability due to pregnancy)
  • Workers Compensation provided to eligible employees injured on the job

Tuition Reimbursement

Employees may receive reimbursement for undergraduate & graduate credit bearing courses that are related to their current job or a future promotional opportunity. Reimbursement per year is limited to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 127–dollar limit.

  • Full Time Employees (40+ hours per week)
  • Part Time Employees (20+ hours per week)
  • Must be a credit bearing class with an accredited college or university
  • Course begins: Completed at least one year of service with Lifetime Healthcare Companies
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