Our People, Our Values


Our Company Culture

Employees are united by our Values & Behaviors that include compassion, pride, excellence, innovation and having fun! We aim to be an employer of choice by valuing workforce diversity, innovative thinking, employee development, and by offering competitive compensation and benefits.

  1. We Passionately Serve Our Customers

    • Take time to listen to and understand the customer’s needs.
    • Take action after considering the customer’s perspective.
    • Follow-up on customer inquiries promptly and accurately.
    • Treat customers with a polite and friendly tone.
  2. We Care About Each Other

    • Help others without being asked.
    • Demonstrate interest in each other’s well-being.
    • Greet coworkers throughout the day.
    • Understand and appreciate diversity of background and viewpoints.
  3. We Are Proud of What We Do

    • Appreciate and recognize contributions and accomplishments.
    • Speak positively about the company, coworkers, and customers/providers/patients.
  4. We Challenge & Empower Each Other to Drive Excellence

    • Act with a sense of urgency (importance, purpose, and drive).
    • Take ownership of issues and follow through to resolve them.
    • Listen attentively to the ideas and opinions of others.
    • Share ideas to improve processes, procedures, and systems.
    • Communicate and collaborate across the organization.
    • Show up on time, prepared, and ready to work.
  5. We Embrace & Drive Change

    • Willingly adapt to help change happen efficiently and smoothly.
    • Share knowledge and expertise to help others learn and grow.
    • Be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the company and our products and/or services
    • Be curious, innovative, and explore alternative ways to get work done.
  6. We Have Open & Honest Conversations

    • Treat others with respect and fairness.
    • Speak up, respectfully sharing ideas and opinions.
    • Ask for and accept feedback.
  7. We Can Do it… & Have Fun!

    • Approach problems with a positive, can-do attitude.
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